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About Equitable Accounting Solutions

Equitable Accounting Solutions PLLC is a boutique CPA firm headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. We provide small businesses with accounting support including bookkeeping, taxes, payroll, and consulting services. Since all small businesses have an owner(s), we also provide individual tax preparation services, leading to the complete package for accounting support.

Our founder, Mary A. Barton, CPA, has been practicing accounting since 2004. Her background includes audit, individual and business income tax, full-service bookkeeping, and XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language).

Mary has a passion for supporting women- and minority owned businesses, whether it’s in the form of shopping, services, dining, or promoting these underrepresented small businesses.  Mary has taken this passion a step further and has made it her mission to support these entities through Equitable Accounting Solutions. As a woman of color herself, Mary seeks to establish a mutual connection with her clients in order to help them grow. In providing consultations, we are able to determine if the relationship is a good match to work together.


Mary grew up across the Detroit border in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and studied accounting at the University of Windsor, graduating in 2005. She later moved to the United States and earned her CPA license in 2010. Mary spent several years living in New York City and Dallas, Texas, where she established strong relationships that nurtured her growth as a professional and leader. Mary is now licensed in several states including Colorado, New York, Texas, and Michigan.


Mary resides in Detroit, Michigan with her husband and two young children. They love going to farmer's markets, playgrounds, dining out, taking walks around their neighborhood, and volunteering their time to local organizations. They also love to travel domestically and internationally. Mary’s favorite vacation spot is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

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